Naturally Optimized Human Antibodies®

Multi-species, genetically engineered platforms for generation of diverse mono- and bispecific fully human antibodies

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Common light chain chickens produce human antibodies of high affinity and broad epitope coverage for the engineering of bispecifics

Kathryn H. Ching, Kimberley Berg, Kevin Reynolds, Darlene Pedersen, William D. Harriman & Philip A. Leighton

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OmniClic: Transgenic Chickens Producing Human Antibodies for Bispecifics

Katie Ching, PhD - Research Investigator & Phil Leighton, PhD - Director of Molecular Biology

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xPloration™: B Cell Profiling of OmniAb® Immune Repertoires

Bob Chen, PhD - Director, Systems Engineering

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Ligand Announces Clinical and Regulatory Progress by Multiple Partners with OmniAb® Antibodies

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The OmniAb® therapeutic human antibody platforms, OmniRat®OmniFlic®, OmniMouse®, OmniChicken®, and OmniClic produce highly diversified, fully human antibody repertoires optimized in vivo for immunogenicity, manufacturability, and therapeutic efficacy - Naturally optimized human antibodies®.

The single-license OmniAb offering is the industry's only with three species and multiple genetic backgrounds to address even the most challenging targets - 3 species, 1 license®.


OmniRat OmniMouse OmniFlic

OmniChicken OmniClic

OmniRat and OmniFlic are the only transgenic rats and OmniChicken and OmniClic the only transgenic chickens in the world for generation of mono- and bispecific human antibodies. OmniMouse provides a complementary murine system for additional epitope coverage.

OmniAb animals have clear freedom-to-operate and enable generation of antibodies specific for any target and indication globally, except for a few named therapeutic targets in case of the chickens. To date, more than 40 biopharmaceutical companies and universities have received OmniAb access and together they have generated antibodies against hundreds of targets.

OmniRat was launched in 2012, a scientific first in terms of both knock-out of the endogenous rat immunoglobulin genes and transgenesis with the human counterparts. OmniMouse and OmniFlic were designed based on OmniRat experience and launched in 2014. A range of antibodies from these animals are now in advanced clinical development by OmniAb partners globally and some are bound to hit the markets in coming years.

OmniChicken was launched in 2016. It is the first successfully engineered bird with an immune system that can efficiently generate human sequence antibody repertoires. OmniChicken repertoires feature a high level of functional diversity, with sequence diversity focused in the CDR regions while maintaining conserved, highly developable FW regions. OmniClic is a transgenic chicken that has been engineered to focus sequence diversity only on the CDRs of the VH domain, leaving VL domains germline in sequence. It was launched in 2019. OmniChicken and OmniClic share the benefit of affinity maturing antibodies in the phylogenetically distant chicken host environment, which has been proven to be very valuable in delivering diverse antibody panels to highly conserved therapeutic targets.

OmniAb rodents are bred on multiple genetic backgrounds by certified breeders and antibody discovery services are available from Ligand®-approved contract research organizations ("CROs") in the US, Europe and Asia. These services may offer the most cost-efficient way to generate and characterize therapeutic OmniAb antibodies. OmniAb licensees can may also procure rodents directly from the breeders and conduct the antibody discovery internally.

OmniAb chickens are bred by Ligand® that also offers extensive antibody discovery services at its facility in Emeryville, CA.