Naturally Optimized Human Antibodies®

Multi-species, genetically engineered platforms for generation of diverse mono- and bispecific fully human antibodies

Ligand's OmniAb® platforms - OmniRat®, OmniMouse® and OmniFlic® are based on novel, transgenic rodents that produce highly diversified antibody repertoires and offer accelerated discovery of fully human antibodies that are naturally optimized in vivo for manufacturability, therapeutic efficacy and reduced immunogenicity - Naturally optimized human antibodies®.

OmniAb includes the industry’s only rats for generation of mono- and bispecific human antibodies, OmniRat and OmniFlic. OmniMouse is designed to provide similar benefits. All three platforms offer freedom-to-operate and allow generation of antibodies specific for all targets and indications globally, unlike some genetically engineered mice. Accordingly, over 20 biopharmaceutical companies have taken unlimited licenses to the OmniAb platforms.

Beginning in 2008, OMT developed a novel rodent immunoglobulin gene knock-out technology and in 2009 reported generation of rats with completely inactivated immunoglobulin loci in the journal Science. Subsequent insertion of recombinant immunoglobulin loci resulted in animals expressing a diverse repertoire of antibodies with fully human idiotypes. Subsequent insertion of recombinant immunoglobulin loci resulted in OmniRat animals that were demonstrated to express a diverse repertoire of antibodies with fully human idiotypes as well as wildtype animals produce normal antibodies, another scientific-first. Based on its experience with OmniRat, OMT later developed OmniMouse and OmniFlic. To date, the success of the OmniAb platform in generation of antibodies specific for more than 100 targets makes it a leader in therapeutic antibody discovery.

OmniAb animals are bred on multiple genetic backgrounds and maintained by Charles River Laboratories and Taconic. This provides Ligand partners with easy, robust, and on-demand animal supply. Additional OmniAb antibody discovery services are available through several CROs including Antibody Solutions, Sage Labs and TENEObio in the US, Aldevron and Taconic in Europe and WuXi AppTec in Asia. Each of these firms have substantial experience generating OmniAb antibodies, thus providing a cost-effective alternative to generating and characterizing human antibody development candidates internally.


Aptevo Therapeutics
Armo Biosciences
Hanall Pharmaceutical
Gloria Pharmaceuticals

OmniAb is partnered with a range of large and small biopharmaceutical companies globally. For more information, including regarding OmniAb platform access, please E-mail