Phil Leighton, PhD

Phil Leighton is Senior Director of Molecular Biology at OmniAb. He joined the OmniAb team in 2017 following Ligand Pharmaceuticals’ acquisition of Crystal Bioscience. Dr. Leighton has been responsible for the development and validation of lines of transgenic chickens used for the discovery of human antibodies including OmniChicken®, which has been used for antibody discovery programs by pharmaceutical industry partners since 2016. More recently, he helped develop the OmniClic® line, which is used for discovery of antibodies with a common light chain for bispecific antibody development. He has authored many scientific publications and holds numerous US patents. Dr. Leighton earning is BS and MSC degrees from Stanford University and received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University, followed by post-doctoral studies at the University of California, San Francisco.