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OmniChicken OmniClic

The OmniAb transgenic animal platforms are licensed to a range of biopharmaceutical companies and academics globally. They are offered with flexible terms for all targets, indications, and territories in three principal ways:

Unlimited License

  • Annual access fee
  • Clinical milestones
  • Royalty on sales

Individual Target License

  • Target fee
  • Clinical milestones
  • Royalty on sales

Unlimited Buy-out

  • Buy-out fee
  • Single- or multi-year
  • NO milestones or royalties
  • are offered with cost-delivery

To explore specific OmniAb platform licensing terms, please facilitate execution of the OmniAb term sheet CDA by E-mailing To explore OmniChicken and OmniClic antibody discovery services and/or antigen services, please also E-mail