Human therapeutic antibodies constitute the industry's fastest-growing therapeutic class. Evaluate Pharma (June 2017) and other research organizations expect that 10 of the top-20 pharmaceutical products by 2020 will be antibodies accounting for over 50% of sales.

According to The Antibody Society (September 2017), 77 therapeutic antibodies were approved or pending in the US and Europe. Over 70 of these were generated in vivo by animals, only a few by phage display technologies. Older technologies such as murine, chimeric and humanized antibodies are being replaced by fully human antibodies.

In 2016, the total therapeutic antibody market reached $81 billion according to BCC Research (October 2017). The predominant portion of this came from current OmniAb partners such as Roche/Genentech, Janssen and AbbVie. BCC Research expects the market to grow to $115 billion by 2022, while others provided even higher estimates.

According to The Antibody Society (September 2017), 560 antibodies were in various stages of clinical development in the US at that time. The number of therapeutic antibody candidates in US Phase 3 clinical development is now over 50, a doubling over the past five years.

Ligand's objective is to make OmniAb available to as many biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions as possible and help facilitate the continued market growth of therapeutic antibodies worldwide.