Ligand Pharmaceuticals (Ligand) partners strategically with leading animal breeders ("Breeders") and contract research organizations (CROs) under the OmniDeep® brand to offer OmniAb® licensees proven and robust animal breeding and antibody discovery services. OmniAb users contract directly with the Breeders and CROs for the most robust, flexible and scalable services using the latest technologies in the market place.

All OmniRat® and OmniFlic® animals are bred on multiple genetic backgrounds, maintained and supplied by Charles River Laboratories. OmniMouse® animals are bred on their relevant genetic backgrounds, hosted and provided by Taconic. OmniChicken™ animals are bred and hosted only at Ligand's Emeryville, CA site. Each Breeder maintains master colonies of each animal type for the benefit of the OmniAb licensees and the CROs.

OmniAb antibody discovery services are available through international CROs, all with substantial experience generating OmniAb antibodies and each with different areas of particular expertise such as protein and DNA immunization; GPCR, high homology and other challenging target capabilities; hybridoma-free antibody discovery; etc. Ligand's GEM technology is used primarily for OmniChicken projects but can be applied to other OmniAb platforms as well. OmniAb licensees commonly use different CROs for different projects. Current CROs include: