xPloration®: High Throughput B Cell Profiling for Antibody Discovery from OmniAb Immune Repertoires

The success of a therapeutic antibody is directly related to its biological activity, which is a function of the epitope to which it binds on the target, its specificity, its affinity, and its sequence. Interrogation of the complete B-cell repertoire of an immunized animal is essential to provide the largest diversity of candidate antibodies. However, using conventional methods, such as hybridoma or FACS-based screening, can present challenges in terms of capturing antibody repertoire, the speed of the process, and the limitation to high quality soluble antigens.

We will present xPloration, a proprietary laser-based technology capable of screening millions of single B cells and recovering thousands of antibody variants within a few hours. We will illustrate the synergy with OmniAb® platforms with a case study that demonstrates the high throughput and efficiency of xPloration to recover the broad genetic diversity of OmniChicken®. From a single immunized OmniChicken®, we identified and isolated over 800 antigen-binding single cells. Following next-generation sequencing, we identified a panel of 480 unique antibodies across multiple high-affinity functional families. We will also present various additional assay formats, including cell surface binding assays and cross-reactivity screening.

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